Body & Soul

Are you up for some physical exercise or relaxing on top of all that dancing? Every day we offer different sessions. You can decide on the spot which one you’d like to join. 

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Jill de Muelenaere – Power yoga

Keep healthy and strong with a dynamic yoga class that combines strengthening exercises, proper breathing technique,s and deep-stretching. Give some time to self-care by toning your muscles and loosening your body. Get in shape for the next party!

– RELAX Yoga

Join this class for a moment of tranquility. This class will focus on deep and relaxing stretching postures synchronised with gentle breathing that will bring you peace of mind and energy renewal. Learn how to breathe, take a few minutes to relax, stretch and strengthen your body, and feel renewed for the rest of the day. Your body and your mind will thank you for this!

Roser Ros – Full body strengthening games 

We will combine games and exercises to empower the body in a global way. Dancing is a full-body art form, but it mainly strengthens our legs. What about our core, back, and arms? We will work out these areas with medium-intensity activities to compensate for the rest of the body.

Bring with you some sporty clothes, comfortable training shoes, and water.

Monika Wikarska – Acroyoga workshop 

Let‘s get Upside Down! (For those who take the festival literally.) Surprise yourself with how natural it is to hang down from another person and find your body in unexpected positions. Acroyoga is for all those to whom yoga sounds too solitaire and acrobatics too wild. We will learn the most fun and stunning positions to look at, yet the easiest to practice! If you want to learn new boundaries of your bodies, come and join us in two-high. Tons of laughs promised.

Glenda Schepens – Bootcamp 

Are you familiar with burpees? Or jumpin’ jacks? After this Body & Soul class, you sure will be! Get ready to sweat and tone those muscles. And don’t forget your 80’s outfit; spandex leotards, leg warmers, high ponies, sweatbands, and audacious colours are encouraged. 

Marcos Leon : Free improvisation 

We will explore different ways of moving, working on our body articulations, and noticing them. And we will use that to focus on different ideas, playing with funny concepts, and finding our self-expression through movement.

Juliette Vernou 



Juls & Kat

Join our “body & soul” sessions at different locations around Dok Noord.