Getting Around Gent

Act like a local and bike – Donkey Bikes


Renting a bike is the best option for transportation in Ghent. (At night you cannot count on public transportation and a cab is more expensive.) Donkey Bikes offers bikes in good shape to a fair price. And… they offer Upside Downers discount codes!

How to use Donkey Bikes? 

The orange Donkey Bikes are available in many places all over the city, at any time of the day. They have specific drop-off locations, where the bikes are parked when they are not in use/rented. Once you rent a bike, you can keep it anywhere you want, you can take it home, or lock it somewhere else in the city. If you want to end your rental, you just need to put the bike back in one of the many available drop-off locations.

To use a Donkey Bike, you need to download the app on your smartphone. Once you have your account, you can either get a monthly membership, or you use one of the ‘just ride’ options (see explanations below). Use the app to find the available bikes close by, and to unlock and lock the bike. 

For Upside Down, we have two discount codes: 

Monthly Membership 10% discount code: LETSGOUPSIDEDOWN

‘Just Ride’ 15% discount code: UPSIDEDOWN2019


Monthly Membership

You can get a monthly membership with Donkey Bikes, which allows you to rent a bike for up to 12 hours for free, as often as you want. After the 12 hours, you pay the regular renting price (of the ‘just ride’ option). You can cancel your monthly membership at any time.

Regular Price: 18€/month (with discount: 16.20 €/month)

How to use the 10% discount code? 

Go to your account, and first enter the code under ‘membership code’ (code: LETSGOUPSIDEDOWN). Then go to ‘become member’, and choose the 18€/month option.


Just Ride

Rent a bike at any time for as long as you want, and pay by hour/day. You have the choice between two options:

Get a new bike every time you need it. You need to find and drop off your bike every time you use it. A bit more work, but very cheap. Regular Price: free up to 30 min, as often as you want! After that, you pay by hour (up to 1 hour: €3, up to 2 hours: €5; up to 4 hours: €7; etc.)

Keep the bike for several days. Nice and easy, because you only need to drop the bike off again before leaving the city. Regular Price: ~ 10-12€/day. 

How to use the 15% discount code? 

Just pick a bike on the map, go to the payment section and select ‘enter discount code’ before paying (code: UPSIDEDOWN2019).

Public Transportation


We have a good network of buses & trams in Ghent. However don’t count on them during the night!

Use google maps to find your way around.

Give me a ride! – Taxis


Here is two options for calling a taxi in Gent

Taxi Lochristi (+32 486 51 97 19)

V tax (+32 9 222 22 22)