Upside Down Starter



This is the core of the festival. Five nights of dancing till you drop, some of Belgium’s top bands and DJ’s and a beautiful ballroom with a blissful floor. That’s all a dancer needs. But we’ll really turn you around with all the extras. Competitions and surprise acts, a nice beer and late night snacks, … But above all, a unique starter, where we want ALL of you to be present.


We offer a varied programme of afternoon activities. You can keep it relaxed, or join multiple great activities and classes. Just choose the right track for you. ‘Upside Down’ aims to inspire you, the swing community, so our tracks are atypical. We offer workshops that focus on dancing from a different angle, training sessions, social dances, an open space, non-dance activities ..


And good to know: we don’t start early, because you will dance all night long.

Expand your dancing

Open Space

Work that body

Private class

Thé dansant

Out of the box

Cozy at home

New Year’s Eve Dinner

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve

We planned something special to celebrate the transition from old to new.

By then, we’ve been dancing for 4 nights and 3 afternoons. That’s why we plan to do something cozy in the afternoon. A dozen Ghentians welcome us into their homes to entertain us. Ideal to catch your breath before we dance into the last night of 2018, with more live music, some specials, and all topped with glitter.