Arts Discovery

Feel like looking from a different perspective? Why not try painting? Or singing? We will be inviting artists of all types to do workshops with you. It might affect your dancing in unexpected ways.

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Drawing the dance with Martin Lasthein (DK)

Let’s capture the spirit of the dance by drawing it! We will look at the basics of drawing and explore how to interpret the movements of dancers and musicians. We will look at references and practice how to capture the dance. And who knows, we may even get to draw some real dancers… 

Is this a class for artists?

This class is open for all skill levels — from people who already know how to draw to those who are simply curious about it.

What to bring?

We’ll provide some basic material. If you have materials, bring a pencil, pens, chalks, markers or anything for quick drawing (it’s up to you). Also bring a pad, sketchbook or sheets of paper clipped to board – something you can handle without the needing a table.