Arts Discovery

Feel like looking from a different perspective? Why not try painting? Or singing? We will be inviting artists of all kinds that might even affect your dancing in unexpected ways.

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Andreas Maier – Theater Improvisation

Improvisation is the art of saying yes to whatever happens. Even if that means leaving our comfort zones. Together we’ll play and discover the truth of your intuition and imagination. Through this accessible art form, we can grow even more into the mesmerizing individuals that we already are – unique, inspiring, and authentic. Let’s get foolish and meet some colorful characters through improvisation.


-Do I need any prior experience in acting or improvisation? – No. This is a 101 class for everyone.
-I have a fear of being in the spotlight. Should I attend even if I consider myself a “shy” person? – This class is for you. You will definitely benefit from it.
-What if I don’t feel creative? – Feel invited to leave your inner critic behind and connect with the transrational joy of goofing around.

Martin Lasthein – Drawing the dance

Let’s capture the spirit of the dance by drawing it! We will look at the basics of drawing and explore how to interpret the movements of dancers and musicians. We will look at references and practice how to capture the dance. And who knows, we may even get to draw some real dancers… 


-Is this a class for artists? This class is open to all skill levels, from people who already know how to draw to those who are simply curious about it.
-What do I need to bring? We’ll provide some basic material. If you have materials, bring a pencil, pens, chalks, markers, or anything for quick drawing. Also, bring a pad, sketchbook, or sheets of paper clipped to a board (something you can handle without needing a table.)

Ezra Weil – Object manipulation

We are constantly interacting with objects in our daily life. Phones, toothbrushes, keys, chairs, the list goes on and on. But how often do you think about the movement of taking your keys out of your pocket or the way that you put your leg over your bicycle? 

Taking inspiration from circus arts, we will be expanding our awareness of how we interact with objects to then be able to play with that interaction. Add some extra flair to taking off our jacket or the way you put on your scarf. 

Any and all levels of clumsiness welcome!

Let’s drop things on the ground and pick them back up again, and again, and…

Monika Wikarska – Poi-spinning workshop 

Have you ever seen a fire show performance and wondered what on earth is that! In two hours, we will sew our practice poi and master the basic coordination principles. Poi spinning not only strengthens your arms but also trains your brain and connects your hemispheres. You will learn how to think of the movement of your left and right arm separately and feel the mathematics of the rhythm in your body.
Poi spinning is a cultural tradition of the Maori people of Aotearoa (New Zealand.)

Iwan Baeten – collage

Iwan takes you on a trip into the wonderful world of collage-art, where there are no boundaries, everything is possible, and no idea is too crazy. After a short introduction to styles and techniques, we jump straight in to create your own masterpiece to take home.

Workshops at Wisper Studios.