Sure, we like competitions! But let’s do something a little bit different…

Wednesday 24/08 – Solo jazz competition 22:45

Thursday 25/08 – Open ‘Ruler of the hill’ 22:45

Friday 26/08 – Upside Down Invitational 23h

Saturday 27/08 – Capped Mix & Match prelims 21:00/final 00:45

Solo jazz competition – 23h 

In this competition, we select dancers during a designated moment at the party. We look for individual style, great rhythm, and ideas. In the finals, we’ll have a spotlight format, of course with an Upside Down twist and a rich pallet of jazz(-related) music. Fun and good dancing assured.

No registration. “Jump in” format. Be inside the ballroom before the competition starts: 22:45.

Open ‘Ruler of the hill’

In this battle format, we welcome dancers in all possible combinations and configurations to throw down and become ‘Ruler of the Hill’. Join solo, with your favorite partner, or even with a small performance group. We consider this a throw-down competition which means ‘no rules’, except respect. To join, just show up that evening. Let’s move jazz dancing to higher ground with this competition. 

Just show up before the competition starts at the ballroom around 22:45

Upside Down Invitational -23h

We value quality dancing and want to showcase experienced dancers and how they play with the music, a dance partner, and express themselves. Expect a broader selection of Black American music to dance to. Sit down and enjoy this Upside Down flavored invitational Mix and Match.

Capped Mix & Match

In order to stimulate new dancers to grow and shine, we offer this pleasant Mix and Match format. Followers, leaders, and switch dancers sign up individually. You will dance with more than one partner and to different nice tempos. For the finals, you will be assigned a random partner. Individuals will be chosen by the judges to dance in the final. The judges will value individual style, partner communication, swingin’ rhythm, and originality.

If ever you ended up top three in any other mix-and-match, Jack ‘n’ Jill or luck-of-the-draw competition, or you have been dancing more than two years intensively you are NOT admitted to this competition. We want to encourage new people to rise and shine. If you did place before, please consider the King of the Hill and solo competition!

Registrations see the announcement board just before the prelims 

Prelims: 21:00 @ Danspunt

Finals: 0:45 @ Danspunt