Practical info

Day Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Location Party Venues (finals) and Madonna (prelims Sunday)
Timing 23:30 (finals) 15:00 (prelims on Sunday)

Sure, we like competitions! But let’s do something a little bit different. .

Every evening until NYE, we’ll hold a competition:

  • Friday 27/12: Solo – You and you alone make your body move
  • Saturday 28/12: Underground Throwdown – We cheer for some Upside Down interaction!
  • Sunday 29/12: Capped Mix and Match – Oh yeah, it’s their time to shine. Let’s encourage them!
  • Monday 30/12: Invitational Special – Our teachers and special guests will have some extra challenges

Solo competition

Dance, using every flavour you can take from classic jazz steps, charleston, black bottom, soft shoe, …  Judges will decide based on their gut feeling and your sense of musicality, style and ability to improvise swinging rhythms and movement. You will dance to varied music in different tempos.


No registration. “Jump in” format. Be inside the ballroom when the competition starts (23:30 at Vooruit)

Underground Throwdown

We cheer for some Upside Down interaction.

Dancers jump in as a couple, solo or in any chosen constellation. Give it all you got, it’s a throwdown, so we like it fast & furious with a lot of Lindy attitude. Everything allowed as long as it swings and is respectful. We promise real ‘phat’ music and a super hot audience.

No registration. ‘Jump in’ format. Be in the ballroom when the competition starts. Judges tap in the finalists.

Timing: 23:30 @ Party in Vooruit

Capped Mix and Match (never placed before)

Oh yeah, it’s their time to shine:

Followers and Leaders sign up individually. You will dance with more than one partner and to different nice tempos. For the finals, you will be assigned a random partner. Individuals will be chosen by the judges to dance the final. The judges will value partner communication, swingin’ rhythm and originality.

If ever you ended up top three in any other mix-and-match, Jack ‘n’ Jill or luck-of-the-draw competition, you are NOT admitted to this competition. We want to encourage new people to rise and shine. If you did place before, please consider the throwdown and solo competitions!

Registrations on the spot from December 27th, until the competition.

Prelims: 15:00 @ Thé Dansant in Madonna

Finals: 23:30 @ Party in Vooruit

Invitational Special 

Our special invitees and special guests will get some extra challenges, let’s get Upside Down:

The Upside Down crew will invite the teachers and special guests to this highly entertaining competition. Any suggestions as to who should compete are welcome.

Timing: 23:30 @ Danspunt