Cozy at home

Practical info

Day Monday 31 December 2018
Timing 14h - 17h00
Location different locations in Ghent
For who? open to all track holders

We like ‘gezelligheid’. It’s hard to translate, but the the closest word in English would be ‘cozyness’. For one afternoon a dozen Ghentians open their living rooms. Different activities will be going on. At the festival, you have the ability to choose one living room to hang out at during this cozy afternoon.  

For the diehard dancers, we’ll provide live music and some floor space at a local bar to dance the afternoon away.


Here are some of the first houses. Stay tuned for more updates.

Jazz playground: jamming and tapping @ Shana's house

An afternoon of jammin’, tapping and dancing in a cozy atmosphere around the fireplace! Musicians, dancers, jazz lovers, bring your instruments and dancing shoes (the floor will be polished and is awaiting your dancing skills!) and be welcome to PLAY and have fun! And to drink some gluhwein…



Shana is a Ghent lindy hop and tap dancer, in love with the jazzy tunes of a piano, hot chocolate milk and cozyness, all of which she’ll provide you with!



  • Some basic instruments will be available (piano, guitar, drum…) but don’t hesitate to bring your own!
  • especially for this occasion there will also be a wooden tap floor
  • Drinks and afternoon sweets are available for a small price.

Historical Jazz Memorabilia expo & talk @ Kris' house

This expo shows a unique and impressive amount of signed memorabilia, LP’s and pictures from world’s greatest jazz artists (Django Reinhardt, Billie Holiday, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Lester Young, Louis Armstrong; name only a few).

A collection with some rare items, seldomly published in public, which you can enjoy  together with a talk, a good cup of coffee and some slow drag vinyl music. A unique chance for all who’s interested in jazz and its history.



Kris was one of the ‘fathers’ of the Gentse Hoppers. He’s a renowned swing jazz DJ (Herrang,  Lindyshock..) and as a collector, he built up a beautiful collection to share with you.



Drinks available for a small price

Party like it’s 1999! @ Stoff's house

Yes, you read that right, 1999!

So here’s the deal; you come, bring your own booze, bring your own snacks if you want to nibble on something, dress up right (price for the best dress!!) and your hosts will provide you with the right soundtracks from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

A photographer will take your polaroid pic for 1€. It ‘ll be an afternoon to remember, that’s for sure!


Oh and don’t forget to practise your best 80’s moves!



Your DJ’s for this crazy little party will be D ‘n’ D, aka Dust and Dust, aka Stof en Stoff.

Stof is Flemish for Dust and Dust is West Flemish (strange dialect in Belgium) for thirsty, so bring a beer for the DJ’s as well 😉

Balboa afternoon @ Martien's house

Dear balboa lovers, yes, we thought of you! This afternoon, a unique, intimate, cozy balboa experience is awaiting you.

Present: a balboa DJ, perfect wooden dancefloor, coziness… in a beautiful and typical ‘Gents herenhuis’ (=Ghent town house)



Your Martien is a well known Ghent balboa dancer, and because of his passion he transformed his living room into a balboa venue.


  • drinks will be available for a little price
  • people are welcome to bring some little sweets or snacks

A lazy “sit down & relax” afternoon in Ghent @ L&C house

No strings attached – No obligations

You know that moment when you’re abroad enjoying a festival or a city: you’re having a great time, meeting old and new friends, discovering other ideas and cultures, getting inspired and dreaming of opportunities you didn’t even know existed, and then, out of the blue, you feel you belong and  could walk into any house as it was your own.


Well, look no further, this is the house you were looking for. We open our doors, no strings attached, come in, relax, enjoy and spend a typical “Ghent afternoon at home during the holidays”! We serve you coffee, hot chocolate milk, mulled wine, warm apple juice, cake, chocolate, some fine tunes, a fireplace, campfire…



Leen and Christophe, born way before 1999, have been living here for over 20 years, fell in love with swing dance 10 years ago and seem to be having one of the most hospitable houses in town.



bring whatever you think you need to spend a completely useless afternoon, and feel no guilt because of lazy time wasted. You might even meet the children if they’re around.

A cozy sing-a-long @ Sarah’s home

Do you like to sing with friends or just on your own in the shower to wonderful jazz songs? A guitarist and a singer will help you to explore your singing-talent and finish the year with a memorable cozy singing-afternoon.


Besides being an addicted dancer Sarah likes to create some cozy atmosphere with singing improvisations on her guitare. She’ll be happy to share her room with you! 😉



Beers, water and coffee are available. Bring your other drinks if wanted.

Boardgames @ Ruth's house

If you have been in a Ghentse Living room, you have to have played a board game. Especially in wintertime. Ruth will treat you with a selection of super cozy and fun board games you might never‘ve heard of!

The ideal moment to challenge your lindy follow/lead for something else than a dance. Come with your friends, or meet new ones around the game table.


Ruth is a Ghentse Lindy hopper and ‘cassettes lover’.Oh yes, the tape recorder is ready & set to play some of her old ‘cassettes collection’!


  • this afternoon will be a ‘potluck’ event: everyone’s invited to bring a little snack and drink, which can be shared! (Ruth will provide coffee and tea)
  • if you have a fun game to add: bring it on!

Livingroom concert: a bluesy afternoon @ Frederik & Heleen's house

Get mellow on the amazing music of Bernd Coene, Toon Vlerick and Trui Amerlinck, renowned Blues musicians, often seen on stage in the Missy Sippy in Ghent.

Frederik & Heleen are welcoming you on their creaking wooden floor for a heart-to-heart blues party.

It’s the perfect way to get relaxed before New Year’s Eve.


Frederik and Heleen are Ghentian lindy hop dancers who are huge fans of home parties, especially with live bands


  • Drinks and snacks are available for small prices.
  • Tip the band!

Teatime ‘n talk @ Annelies & Wouter's house

Now let’s turn things upside down: the activity is… no activity. After dancing four nights in a row we will know the dancing side of one another. Time to get to know the rest. What is your cup of tea?

Hosts Annelies and Wouter will make you happy with over 30 sorts of tea and some sort of coffee, homemade cookies and lots of warmth. Just come over, share your wisdom, your memories, your dreams…a cozy way to spend the last afternoon of 2018!


Annelies and Wouter are Ghentian lindy hoppers who are thé best in making it cozy and warm when guests are around! Their big tea collection is an ideal proof of that!


You don’t need to bring anything. Bring yourself and feel welcome.

Thé dansant @ Red Shaker's house

Dancing afternoon in a cozy pop-up bar in a Ghent Town House, next to the waterside in the middle of the center. Nice tunes, wonderfull wooden dancefloor, nice cocktails at the bar, chill area …


Meet our cocktail shaker Nicolas.



This is a bar. Please don’t forget to order a drink. He opens his bar especially for us.

Retro movie @ Alexis' house

Ideal activity for a winterish afternoon: sinking down in a cozy couch, with some popcorn, enjoying a good jazz movie. Host Alexis will make a selection of some epic jazz standards from which you can choose!


Alexis is an enthusiastic Lindy hopper from Ghent who is very excited to invite you all to his place for some drinks and some swinging movies.


Soda and popcorn will be available for a little contribution, welcome to bring other drinks and snacks if you want.

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