Cozy at home

Practical info

Day Tuesday, 31/12/2019
Timing 14:00 - 17:00
Location different locations in Ghent
For who? all Upside Down participants

We like ‘gezelligheid’. It’s hard to translate, but the the closest word in English would be ‘cozyness’. For one afternoon a dozen Ghentians open their living rooms. Different activities will be going on. At the festival, you have the ability to choose one living room to hang out at during this cozy afternoon.  

Creaky Boards Blues Concert with Frederik Bernd, Toon & Trui

Get mellow on the amazing music of Bernd Coene, Toon Vlerick and Trui Amerlinck, renowned Blues musicians, often seen on stage in the Missy Sippy in Ghent.

Frederik is welcoming you on his creaking wooden floor for a heart-to-heart blues party.

It’s the perfect way to get relaxed before New Year’s Eve. 


Frederik is a Ghent lindy hop dancer and a huge fan of home parties, especially with live bands.


  • Drinks and snacks are available for small prices.
  • Tip the band!

A Lazy “Sit Down & Relax” Afternoon in Ghent with L&C

No strings attached – No obligations

You know that moment when you’re abroad enjoying a festival or a city: you’re having a great time, meeting old and new friends, discovering other ideas and cultures, getting inspired and dreaming of opportunities you didn’t even know existed, and then, out of the blue, you feel you belong and could walk into any house as it was your own.

Well, look no further, this is the house you were looking for. Their door is open, no strings attached, come in, relax, enjoy and spend a typical Ghent homely afternoon during the holidays! Leen and Christophe will serve you coffee, hot chocolate milk, mulled wine, warm apple juice, cake, chocolate, some fine tunes, a fireplace, campfire…


Leen and Christophe, born way before 1999, have been living here for over 20 years, fell in love with swing dance 10 years ago and seem to be having one of the most hospitable houses in town.


  • Bring whatever you think you need to spend a completely useless afternoon, and feel no guilt because of lazy time wasted. You might even meet the children if they’re around.
  • Feel welcome to bring some ‘patéékes’ (sweets)

Livingroom Concert with Aron & Claire-Eline

MOM, a swingtrio of Ghent Musicians will bring their swingvibes to this livingroom! The band is inspired by old swingjazz, harmonies from baroque music, classical chamber music and folk. Be welcome to share in a laid-back afternoon with snacks, drinks and good music! 


Aron and Claire-Eline are a creative couple of highschool teachers, living in the city centre. They’re always in for cosiness and kitchen dances, which are perfect to combine in a livingroom concert. 


  • Bring some snacks and/or drinks to share, and let’s make it as cozy as possible.

Massage and Pancakes with Merel


What’s better than making pancakes together on a cold day? Creating your perfect pancake by picking delicious toppings whilst admiring someone’s pancake flip technique… Before or after our bake-off we can enjoy a well earned massage. I’m happy to show you some of my finest massage skills!


Merel has been a proud Ghentian Hopper for three years now and besides dancing, she loves organizing cozy gatherings in her home. 


  • Everything will be provided, a small contribution will be asked for the ingredients

Board Games with Jana & Tom

If you have been in a Gentse living room, you have to have played a board game! Especially in wintertime! Supervolunteers Jana and Tom will treat you with a selection of super cozy and fun board games you might never have heard of. The ideal moment to challenge your lindy follow/lead for something else than a dance. Come with your friends, or meet new ones around the game table!


Jana and Tom are Ghent Lindy hoppers and always in for a fun game. They’re supervolunteers whenever they can, always in to help with a smile!


  • The hosts will make sure you’re not thirsty and will treat you with a little snack. A free contribution is welcome! If you have a fun game to add: bring it on!

They shoot horses, don't they? with Ellen & María

Would you like to spend the afternoon relaxing while watching other people doing a dance marathon? The movie “They shoot horses don’t they” shows poor people joining a dance marathon during the depression. As long as they can keep their feet moving they can enjoy a roof above their heads and a warm meal every day. The show drags on for weeks until no one is left standing.


Ellen and Maria are good friends, dancing in Ghent since a couple of years! They’re in for a relaxing afternoon in Gentbrugge without any social pressure. And maybe, maybe they’ll make popcorn for you! They make sure you won’t get thirsty. 


  • A free contribution is welcome.

Sing Sing Sing at the Fireplace with Céline & Cait

Do you like to sing with friends or just on your own in the shower to wonderful jazz songs? Our wonderful Cait Jones will help you to explore your singing-talent and finish the year with a memorable cosy singing-afternoon. Let’s gather around the fireplace and sing-a-long!


Céline loves having people over and treat them very well. As she’s a dancer from Louvain-La-Neuve she feels happy to welcome you with cake and hot drinks in the living room of her host and good friend Ruth!


  • The host will take care of cake, sweets and hot drinks. A free contribution is welcome. 
  • In for a challenge? You’ll make us very happy in bringing some pieces of wood for the fire! 😉 

Jazz Playground: Jamming and Tapping with Shana

An afternoon of jammin’, tapping and dancing in a cozy atmosphere around the fireplace! Musicians, dancers, jazz lovers, bring your instruments and dancing shoes (the floor will be polished and is awaiting your dancing skills!) and be welcome to PLAY and have fun! And to drink some gluhwein…


Shana is a Ghent lindy hop and tap dancer, in love with the jazzy tunes of a piano, hot chocolate milk and cozyness, all of which she’ll provide you with!


  • Some instruments will be available (piano, guitar, drums…) but don’t hesitate to bring your own!
  • Especially for this occasion there will also be a wooden tap floor.
  • Drinks and afternoon sweets are available at a small price.

Open Space with Maarten & Liza

Are you in for a cosy, active, exchanging, funny, crazy and anything-is-possible afternoon?  Then be welcome to share and receive ideas! Think about handstands, about clownerie, about dancing dabke, about juggling, about ballet, about african dance, about jammin’, about chatting, about exchanging your favourite song… Any talent, passion or idea you feel like sharing and learning, this is the moment and place to be!  


Maarten is an enthusiastic dancer from Grembergen who is seen three times a week on the dancefloor anywhere in Belgium! Liza just started dancing Lindy Hop but is already known everywhere in Ghent. With such motivation and energy it’s difficult to keep these two away from the dancefloor! Maarten en Liza will welcome you in the shared living room (also training room) of Sep’s cohousing. Enough space to do whatever you want!


  • There will be a bar with drinks for small prices.
  • If needed, bring your own materials to share your talents! 

Beer and Board with Floris

Apparently Beer and Belgium are inseparable… We thought, let’s not miss this opportunity to share Belgian beers; have a taste, share opinions or stories about your favourite beer or just enjoy what you’re drinking! In between small board games can be played to let the beer sink in. For those who feel like some sports in between, the ping pong table is available!


Floris is a dancer from Ghent, living in a beautiful old house, together with some friends. He’s always in for a night of board games and especially when combined with a good local beer.


  • The host will take care of the beer tasting and asks everyone a few euro to support this. A little snack together with the beer will be provided.

Pancakes and Swing Clips with Rein

Coziness? You just think of pancakes, don’t you? And what else do you do on a lazy chilly afternoon: watch swing dance movies. Let’s show each other our favourite performances, competitions, old clip.. We bet that we won’t be able to finish within 3 hours…


Rein is this lovely dancing lady living in Ghent but often traveling around the world for work and fun. She speaks Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish and maybe some words of another language as well. Ready to welcome you in her beautiful house she’s sharing with 5 other roommates (that you’ll maybe meet). 


  • The host will provide ingredients for pancakes, hot chocolate, coffee and tea. A free contribution is welcome. 

Party like it’s 1999! with Duqie

Yeah, that’s right, 1999!

So here’s the deal; you come, bring your own booze, bring your own snacks if you want to nibble something and dress up right! Your hosts will provide you with some hot steaming soundtracks from the 70s, 80s and 90s. It ‘ll be an afternoon to remember, that’s for sure! Don’t forget to practise your best 80s moves! 

Hosts: Your DJ for this crazy little party will be Duqie! Please bring a beer for the DJs as well!


  • Bring some drinks and snacks.