You can choose to join us for dinner, next to the party venue. You won’t have to worry about finding restaurants in Ghent and we offer dinner value for money. And above all, you’ll have the opportunity to chat and hang out with your (new) dancing friends.


Dinner consists of a buffet of 12 different preparations (warm and cold). 

All healthy, nutrient rich, mostly bio, seasonable, local and above all, plant based.

All allergens are clearly marked on the buffet. There are always plenty of gluten free options. If you have specific allergies or dietary requirements, please mention this by sending an email to registration@upsidedownghent.be. 

You decide what & how much to put on your plate.

On Sunday evening we provide some Belgian specialities: “French” fries with balls in tomato sauce and salad!


The dinner is prepared by Amour Gent, a lunch, brunch and dinner restaurant at Dok Noord. Especially for Upside Down they prepare dinner for us for 4 evenings (Wednesday – Saturday).

On Sunday we work with our swinging Mom who prepares a plant based Belgian stew recipe that goes with some Fries from a food truck. A real festival atmosphere.


€90* for 5 dinners – to book as a bonus in advance (available mid July)

Tap water is included in the price (unfortunately not always the case in Belgium)

Attention: limited places