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Day Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Timing 12h30 - 14h30 (20 min introduction included)
Location Vooruit (Fri - Sat) - Nest (Sun)
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Let’s get you turned Upside Down! Don’t expect a typical lindy hop class. We made a nice selection of dances with a swing era link that allows you to expand your dancing skills.

Everyday we present 3 topics and teachers. You can decide on the spot which workshop you’ll take.


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Yana Sanamyantz (RU) and Sep Vermeersch (BE) – Roots dancing

Learn about the dances and traditions of the beginning of the 20th century, which are the century that are the soil in which lindy hop grew. In class we will dance couple and solo dances, play some games and learn a lot about the history of dancing in America in the 1900s-20s.

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Katja Figek (SI) and Vid Milojković (SI) – Collegiate Shag

It’s exciting, it’s addictive, it’s polyrhythmic! SHAG! A member of the swing dance family that has never been officially formalised. Different regions danced different patterns of Shag, and even in those regions different couples had different styles. But what is Shag anyway? What is the style that is sweeping across the European countries in the last few years? What is the colour of the so-called shag revival on the old continent and what are its hues from its country of origin, USA? Come and find out with Vid & Katja in their “Colour your Shag” class.

Maaike Oosterlijnck (BE) – African dance

This workshop will teach you some fundamentals of traditional West African dance with emphasis on an understanding of and a conversation with the accompanying live drum rhythms. Similar to swing dancing, African dancing is often danced in a circle in which improvisation is supported and affirmed by the group through singing, hand clapping, and shouted encouragement. So… if the drums are pounding, there’s no bloody good reason for just standing there.

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes, no fancy dresses and stunning suits needed here. Bring water and a towel. No shoes required.

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Pavlina Grombirikova (CZ) and Carla Stinus (ES) – Legendary women in jazz dancing 

Let’s talk about a few dancers that are not that well known among modern lindy hoppers. Like Marie Bryant, Mabel Lee, Daisy Richardson, and other dancers and singers. We will comment on their position in society, their struggles, their daily life, etc.

The class will be designed around a little history about these women, legendary clips, hands-on step training and a short solo routine.

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María Ferrer (ES) and Aurélien Darbellay (ES) – Liberating the body: Ressources to make your dance more expressive

Want to switch up your dancing? Explore how simple techniques, like playing with levels or the size of a mouvement, can create contrast and make your dancing more expressive

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Alexia Legoueix (FR) and Felipe Braga (BR) – Mambo and Latin style

Felipe and Alexia introduce us to some rhythms and styles inspired by Latin dances contemporary with the swing era. Let’s see how we can merge them, and how they can inspire the dance we do today.


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Karen Van Gysel (BE) and Gontran Galinier (FR) – Balboa/BalSwing for your swing dance

Some Balboa selected vocabulary that will help your LindyHoppers Life by giving you some new steps and moves. We will also focus on how to integrate them into your dancing to add more contrast and to be more musical.

Alex McCormack (BE) and Sep Vermeersch (BE) – Raw roots, from jazz to hip hop

Jazz is obviously the grandmother of hip-hop. It’s the evolution of urban music and dance cultures, it’s Afro-American innovation. Why have a class about this? Because it’s about authentic behaviour, about developing your own style and about exploring an awesome movement family. Who else to introduce you to these ideas than Alex and Sep? Groove with us!”

Photo credits: Milan Swolfs

Javier Santos (ES) – impro, technique and feelings class

“G.I.” stands for guided improvisation, a great exercise that takes us from some steps/a routine (“home”) to creativity and impro (“adventure”).

“F” stands for feeling. We’ll use an exciting routine to work on really feeling the music and matching it with our body.

“T” stands for technique. Let’s learn a phrase and see how fast we can work on it.

“G.I.F.T.” stands for a full choreo mixing all the above concepts. Let’s have some fun!

Maria Filippova (RU) & Daniil Nikulin (RU) – Rhythm & Blues

Daniil Nikulin and Maria Filippova are inviting you to experience a dance which they’d describe as Rhythm&Blues couple dance. This is gonna be a mixture of boogie woogie, lindy hop and other dance styles and techniques. Using sharp footwork combined with a stretchy connection, you’ll find a new way of interpreting this catchy, groovy music together with a partner. You will love it 🙂

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