Feel the beat

A two wonderful bonus workshop for everybody with interest in live music and for our established swing bands and musicians. One workshop will be demonstrative and informative on the evolution of the swing beat over the time. In the master class we invite more experienced players to actually explore how to play it. 


We dive into this topic on Friday afternoon with Steven Coombe and Nicholas Ball from The Shirt Tail Stompers. You can still add this as a bonus to your registration!

Open level introduction to Swing Music

This workshop is for everybody who has an interest in music. It will focus on the evolution of the swing feel over history and show how the rhythm section developed over time and how the horn players interacted with them.  Explore and develop your ears and learn more about the greatest music on earth… Swing!

This workshop will be more demonstrative and informative.


Band workshop – for already established swing or trad jazz bands and musicians. 

In this interactive workshop we will have a closer look on how to play the swinging feel that is so typical of the swing era music. Nicholas Ball will talk about his approach to drumming and working in the rhythm section. He’ll also share how a relaxed or energetic feel affects the rest of the band and how the other musicians can use and interact with that. The second part of the workshop can become more of an open forum where anything related to playing for dancers can be covered. 

Even for very fine swing jazz musicians the insights of Nicholas and Steve can be very valuable. Their band is very high on demand in Europe’s dance scene because of their specific rooted, yet fresh way of playing. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear all their secrets.

If you’re not a professional musician, but you’re interested in the topic, you’re welcome as an audience to look on. 

The workshops will be led by international band leader Steven Coombe and master drummer/drum historian Nicholas Ball from London, UK.

We invite everybody that has interest in swing music.

Open level introduction

This workshop is open to all levels and will be more demonstrative and informative. Upside Down wants to offer this unique opportunity to Belgium’s finest swing musicians and amateur guests to get valuable insights in the subtle art of swing feel in a historical context. 

Band workshop
The band workshop is ment for already established swing or trad jazz bands and musicians. But everybody with interest in swing music is  welcome as an audience to look on. 

The music workshop will take place at Wisper in the music studio: Dok-Noord 4D/001, 9000 Gent


open level introduction: €20

masterclass band workshop passive participation: €20

masterclass band workshop active participation: €35



You can add this bonus track to your registration.

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