Festival Management

Practical info

Day Saturday, Sunday 28/12 - 29/12
Timing 12:30 - 14:30
Location Tolhuis
Price free for Upside Down participants, but registration needed

Upside Down is more than dancing. It’s first of all an immersion of trying new things,  exchanging and getting inspired. We would like to bring it to another level, where we can stand still by the organisational part of swing dancing. As we do have a very unique character of people organising swing dance events, often started from dancers that wants to do something for the development of the swing scene, it will be extra interesting to share experiences, good practices, thoughts and doubts. We create a festival management workshop where we’ll guide you through some interesting topics like identity of a festival, festival strategy, festival influences, staff and volunteers management, sustainable development of a Swing Dance festival and so on.

Perfect for everybody that’s involved in, or interested in, organizing swing dance festivals.

It’s free, but please reserve your spot by sending an email to registration@upsidedownghent.be.