Jamn’ Right

Practical info

Day Saturday, Sunday and Monday 28/12 - 30/12
Timing 15:00 - 18:00
Location Vooruit (Saturday, Sunday) Tolhuis (Monday)
Price 95 Euro (registration needed)

All you need is an instrument, and some basic skills on how to play it.

We will form a little ‘participants-upside-down-jazz-band’. Three afternoons of classes with some of our favorite local musicians. We will cover a lot of topics such as arranging, improvising, maybe some jazz history, rhythms and specific musicians/band styles from the swing era.

Let’s “Jamn’ right”!

The Teachers: 

Every day, we have two musicians teaching this track. All of them are professional jazz musicians with a lot of experience in playing Swing music and, even more importantly, teaching. All of them will also play with their bands during the evening parties (Lester’s Blues, Hop ‘sh Bam & Reverent Juke), so we can learn and experience how they create their own magic.

Saturday 28/12: Sam Gerstmans & Tom Callens

Sunday 29/12: Alec Lagrange & Toon Van Dionant

Monday 30/12: Mathieu Najean & Tom Lambrecht