Jazz Addicts

Our Jazz Addicts track takes place before the Upside Down festival starts: 3 afternoons from Monday 22nd till Wednesday 24th of August.

Tyedric Hill, Briana Ashley Stuart, Sep Vermeersch & Alex McCornmac


In this track, we’ll explore the thrilling fun or absolute challenge of deconstructing and reconstructing jazz and swing dancing. We’ll explore new perspectives. What are authentic jazz dancing, Swing Dance, Lindy Hop, and what is being an authentic jazz dancer? What is free and unconventional and where do we take responsibility for jazz dance qualities and Black African American roots and context. Let’s rock this.

Open level,* both new and very experienced solo and couple dancers welcome.

* From our experience, we see that advanced dancers face more challenges deconstructing ideas, but go faster learning dance material. Lesser experienced dancers have more ease constructing new ideas, yet are slower with more challenging rhythms and movement. This, and the diverse teaching methodologies of our dance facilitators will make this a very interesting and open class for all.

Jazz addicts will take place in Danshuis De Ingang