Practical info

Day Saturday, Sunday and Monday 28/12 - 30/12
Timing 12:00 - 15:00
Location Vooruit (Saturday, Sunday) Doxtudio (Monday)
Price 95 Euro (registration needed)

Beginner dancers, Upside Down needs you !! Yes, you 🙂

If you have been taking Lindy Hop classes for a few months or up to one year, this is the ideal track for you. Because we know that big festivals can be overwhelming, and intimidating – mostly, when you just started dancing.

In the Startrack, you will have 3 afternoons of Lindy Hop classes in a small group and with a few great international teacher couples. From basic technique to musicality and improvisation, you will cover a lot of material.

This is where you practice and learn together, get to know each other, share the joy of the Lindy bug that just bit you, and then dance and party with everybody until dawn.

The Teachers

Meet our wonderful teachers for this track: Javier Santos (ES) and Maaike Oosterlijnck (BE)