Swing Expansion

Practical info

Day Saturday, Sunday & Monday 28.-30.12.
Timing 16:00 - 18:00
Location Doxtudio
Price 65 Eur (registration needed)

Let’s get you turned Upside Down! Don’t expect a typical lindy hop class. We made a nice selection of dances with a swing era link that allows you to expand your dancing skills.

Every day we present 3 topics and teachers. You can decide on the spot which workshop you’d like to take.

You can still register for this track by sending an email to registration@upsidedownghent.be.

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Spirit of Jazz with Kamile Pundziute (LT) and Arnas Jasiūnas (LT)

This is a movement improvisation class based on music that gave birth to Jazz. By letting our body parts improvise to the mix of songs and rhythms of pre-Jazz music we’ll try to feel the spirit and recreate the beginning of Jazz Dance.

Dance & Theatre with Andres Lazaro (ES)

Let’s explore the combination of dance and theater, playing with body language to find new ways to communicate with our partner or the audience. Let’s play around with attitude, expressions and emotions while still being connected to the music and telling a story in the process.

Balance Through Play with Nejc Zupan (SL)

Balance through play class intends to be an applied practice for dancers development through movement, treating each and every person as a unique universe interconnected with the environment and within its own structure. Move from possible to impossible while having fun in finding new spaces to play.

Body Percussion & Rhythms with Lee Meidan (IL)

You can’t keep still when the music starts to play? Well, what if you would be the music? In the Swing Expansion Track, Lee will show us how to instrumentalise different body parts through body percussion. Become an authentic jazz dancer and a musician in one!

Rediscover the Groove with Minou Ericson (SE) and Martin Lasthein (DK)

Just like we instinctively know how to move to disco or pop (in a club setting), we should be able to move instinctively to swing music too. We’ll explore how we can set ourselves free from learned dancing and connect more with instinctual dancing based on the music, our partner and the era of swing. One thing’s for sure, It’ll be a party.

Josephine Baker with Yana Sanamyantz (RU)

This solo class with Yana is inspired by the wonderful jazz dancer Josephine Baker. From an extended warm-up we’ll move to exercises focused on the flexibility of the upper body. In the end, we’ll do a little routine based on some of the most characteristic moves of Josephine Baker.

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Son‘s Family and Jazz with Sonia Ortega (ES) and Hector Artal (ES)

Son ’s family from Cuba is a very popular music. Styles that belong to this falmily are: Guajira, Chachachá, Montuno, Mambo or Bolero. Dancing Cuban music will help us improve our skills in claves and in different rythms that we can also find in Jazz.

Literary Upside Down with Anna Rio (FR) & Jonatan Hedberg (SE)

Are you in for a physical class that will turn your world upside down? We will share some crazy ways to end up heads down while dancing Lindy Hop !

“Musical Mime” – Create Stories Through Movement with Joris Focquart (BE) and Oli Fuhrmann (DE)

The OJ Brothers, also known as Oli and Joris (Berlin&Ghent), are a performing duo that mixes dance, mime and absurdity. They have created a class around how the duo approaches movement creation on Jazz. If you are interested in boosting your performance skills, seek inspiration for creating your own performances, and basically, how to understand Jazz the OJ way, we welcome you!