Thé dansant

Practical info

Day Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Timing 14h30 - 17h30
Location Nest, Graaf Van Vlaanderenplein 40, 9000 Gent
For who? open to all track holders

“Are you awake? Time to dance at our cozy “Thé Dansant”. The band and DJ’s are ready for you. No need to rush breakfast at home to be in time for this social dance. We serve coffee, croissants or granola to start your day. Early risers can enjoy coffee & cake.”

Piano thé dansant with Renaud Crols (BE) on the keys.

Prelims for the Strictly Couple Competition



14:30 DJ

15:00 Renaud Crols set 1

15:30 Prelims Strictly Couple Competition

16:00 Renaud Crols set 2

16:30 DJ

17:30 last song

S.O.T.S will play for you this afternoon. It wil Swing On The Spot, led by our wonderful trompet player Marie-Anne Standaert (BE).

Prelims for the Capped Mix and Match Competition



14:30 DJ

15:00 S.O.T.S set 1

15:30 Prelims Capped Mix and Match Comp

16:00 S.O.T.S set 2

16:30 DJ

17:30 Last song

Last thé dansant we invite the men of Ghent, Les Croissants Belges.  Be ready for a Gypsy swingin’ afternoon.


14:30 DJ

15:00 Les Croissants Belges set1

15:45 Cabaret time

16:00 Les Croissants Belges set2

17:00 DJ

17:30 Last song

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