Total Beginner Track

The Total Beginners Track is part of the Upside Down Festival, an international swing dance and arts festival in Ghent. In the evenings there are parties and during the day there is the possibility to follow classes.

More info about program of the Upside Down festival you can find here.

Also, if you want to keep dancing in Ghent after this Total Beginners Track, you can join classes at Crazy Legs Dance school.

Liane Limon & Aurélien Faravelon

Hey there, Total Beginners! You’ve never danced lindy hop or you even almost don’t know what it is? This is the right spot for you. You’ll be switch dancing, this means you’ll learn both the leader and the follower roles at the same time. We learn from scratch to catch! We’ll get you ready to party with us and we’ll immerse you in the world of swing dances, music, and its culture.

The classes of the Total Beginners track will take place at Danshuis De Ingang. The other activities of Upside Down will mainly take place at Dok Noord.

Total beginner Track: €160

16h of classes

This is a stand-alone class track for beginners, this means you can choose this track without attending the rest of the Upside Down festival.  We encourage you to add the Upside Down Festival for an astonishing discount of €50 extra.

Upside Down Festival: €50 **

5 nights of parties, 5 Upside Down starters and 4 roundtable discussions

** We want to encourage you to join us in the parties and activities from the Upside Down festival. For a huge and astonishing discount: only an extra €50 more – you’ll get 5 evenings of parties and all the Upside Down activities included. Have a look at our website to see what’s all about it.

You can register for the Total Beginners Track and/or you can add the evenings of Upside Down for an astonishing discount.

You can register as a switch dancer.

Please register HERE.


Don’t panic, you’ll be guided through a lot of questions. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us: