Work that body

Practical info

Day Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Timing 16h00 - 17h30
Location Vooruit
For Who? you need a ‘body and soul’ or ‘just unstoppable’ pass

Are you up for some physical exercise or relaxing on top of all that dancing? Join our “work that body” sessions in the afternoon. Everyday we offer three different sessions. You can decide on the spot which one you’ll join.

Dance training

There’s a room, there’s a coach. Bring along some other dancers or go by yourself. You decide what to work on. The coach is there to help you out in case you’re stuck. Perfect in combination with a lot of social dancing in the evening, where you can show what you just practiced on.


Physical training

Strengthen your body by doing power yoga, pilates and dance workouts. Each daily session will take a different approach. We’ve invited three dancers with a different background. They will share how they train to strengthen their body. Prepare for some hard workouts and lots of inspiration.


Relax your body

Give your body some rest by stretching or doing some soft yoga. Each daily session will take a different approach.

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Jill (BE)- Relax your body – Yoga

Join this yoga class for a relaxing moment. Learn how to breathe, take a few minutes to relax, stretch and strengthen your body and renew your energy for the rest of the day. This class will focus on deep and relaxing stretching postures synchronised with gentle breathing that will bring you peace of mind and energy. Relax, breathe and stretch, your body and your mind will thank you for this !

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Karen (IT) – Physical Training – Floor work training

Join Karen for a unique floor work training. From lying on the floor, working all the way up to standing on your feet: you’ll discover different ways to exploit the floor, exploring the multiple possibilities to move your body. This class will enlighten and inspire you, as a solo and a couple dancer.

Be sure to wear soft clothes and just socks (no shoes)!

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Irene (GR)- Relax your body – A jazzy stretching session

This will be a moment of peace for your body and soul, where we will blend together slow jazz/blues movements, stretching and cool down exercises topped up with relaxing jazz and soul music to get inspired and loosen up, on a cosy Saturday afternoon. (And yes, we will also listen to a lot of Chet Baker:))

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Jill (BE) – Physical training – Power Yoga

Keep your body healthy and strong with a dynamic yoga class that brings together strengthening exercises, proper breathing and deep stretching. Take some time to take care of yourself by toning your muscles and stretching your body. Get in shape for the next party !

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Bara (BE)- Relax your body – Stretching

Relax and relieve your body during the afternoon stretching class.

We will be focusing on calming down to regain energy with soft strengthening exercises, long stretch positions and deep breathing.


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Kim (BE) – Physical training – Playful dancy training

In a very playful, musical and friendly setting I want to take you on a physical journey of 90 minutes. As this session focusses on how we stay in shape and how we physically prepare our body, I will introduce you to my playful dancy way of doing just that.

Watch out! There will be sweat! And you will need to bring in your sparkly energy.

Through a variety of different movement scenarios we work different aspects of our body: flexibility, endurance, strength and musicality. The thing is, that these subjects are being worked on mostly through dancing, so we get rid of the – slightly boring dare I say –  “exercisy” feeling we often experience while doing a work-out.

We most likely will skip, expand and stretch our bodies in the space, run (gently), bounce, do sentimental push-ups, do a happy feet dance, crawl across the floor, invent our own version of a new martial dance art, dance in relationship to a partner and more of that.

You don’t need to be a crazy dancer to do this session, just curious, eager to move around and work your body and connect to other people with some nice music in the background. Be welcome.

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