Work that body

Practical info

Day Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Timing 12:30 - 14:00
Location Doxtudio

Are you up for some physical exercise or relaxing on top of all that dancing? Join our “work that body” sessions in the afternoon. Everyday we offer three different sessions. You can decide on the spot which one you’ll join.

Dance training

There’s a room, there’s a coach. Bring along some other dancers or go by yourself. You decide what to work on. The coach is there to help you out in case you’re stuck. Perfect in combination with a lot of social dancing in the evening, where you can show what you just practiced on.


Physical training

Strengthen your body by doing power yoga, pilates and dance workouts. Each daily session will take a different approach. We’ve invited three dancers with a different background. They will share how they train to strengthen their body. Prepare for some hard workouts and lots of inspiration.


Relax your body

Give your body some rest by stretching or doing some soft yoga. Each daily session will take a different approach.

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Jill (BE)- Relax your body – Yoga

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Kamile (LT) – Physical Training – Lindy Hop Somatics

Lindy Hop Somatics with Kamile (LT) In this course we aim for better connection within your body for better connection with other body. We’ll be exploring and embodying some of the most important concepts of body for partner dancing such as body centre, axis, frame. This class is based on Body-Mind Centering® (BMC) approach, it involves guided solo movement exploration and integration to the Lindy Hop. The first part of this class involves movement on the floor bare feet, therefore comfortable clothes and socks (in case you easily get cold) are necessary.

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Saskia (BE)- Physical Training – Core in Dance

‘Core in Dance: the SF pilates way’ with Saskia Faelens (BE) How the mind controls the body and the body controls the mind. Saskia will take you deeper in to your body and mind. You will learn how you can let both work together instead of against each other.

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Jill (BE) – Relax Your Body – ??

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Maria (ES) – Physical Training  – Moving

In the Body & Soul Track @Maria will invite us to discover the pleasure of moving. Explore your body without expectations, connect with yourself, the space and with others, move alone but together and feel free. Maria’s values of listening to your own intuition while observing and cooperating with other people will offer an insight in how we act as dancers.

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Saskia (BE) – Relax Your Body – ???