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 Ups & Downs will be open for everybody.

The activities will be donation based. 

We kindly invite you to donate what’s possible for you.

We’ll increase artists’ wages during the event and we’ll donate to Black Lindy Hoppers Funds and Frankie Manning Foundation.


Upside Down, as we had imagined and hoped for, will not be possible in December 2021

The number of infections is unprecedented and the healthcare sector is cracking. Belgium is imposing stricter measures than those already in place. It was decided, among other things, that events must be held in a seated position, nightlife must close down and the bars must close at 11pm. Not even including Covid-safe, daily testing and permanent masks.

What’s next? 

– Doing nothing is not in our vocabulary. We won’t leave you, or our artists and crew, out in the cold because of the covid pandemic. We want to lift you up and acknowledge the downs. 

– Thanks to the support of the Flemish Government and the City of Ghent, we will organise some online alternatives. We’ll share some of our Upside Down spirits and give work to artists and crew. 

– Can we even organise festivals in winter during pandemic days? 

We’ll turn completely Inside Out to bring you our Upside Down spirit in summer. We’re looking into the possibilities to organise a summer alternative. A response to the pandemic. 

Please write a side note in your agenda for the week of 22nd to 29th of august, for now our preferred date.

 We feel you 

The whole crew has worked extremely hard for the last 3 months to prepare Upside Down. We were not prepared to face such a hard reality. The whole team is feeling very sad and disappointed, just like you. We are trying to keep the spirits high and we are looking forward to better times where we can share our full Upside Down festival as intended. 

 What about your ticket? 

Everybody will be refunded minus the 25% cancellation fee (as mentioned in our policy) with a maximum capped at €40 (new). We keep this fee as an administrative and expenses compensation that allows us to continue to exist as a festival organization and pay for expenses already incurred. 

 What about your travel and hosting? 

  • In case you didn’t organise travel and/or hosting, don’t book anything.
  • In case you did plan your travel/hosting, cancel them and try to use your cancelation policies or insurance. 
  • If you can’t cancel, try to move the date to one of the other Belgian festivals. At the moment nobody dares to speak out to guarantee any dates, but these are the events currently trying to make it happen in 2022: Gentse Hoppers Exchange, The Brux, Gentse Feesten (15th-24th july), Boulevard Blues, Inside Out (22-28 August). 

Terms & conditions


Do I need to register with a partner?

  • To keep the festival balanced, we welcome an equal number of leaders and followers. 
  • We encourage you to register with a dance partner. 
  • Single registration is possible, but you might be on the waiting list until we find a match or until you find a partner. 
  • If you are a Lead & Follow, to sing up as a Switch dancer. If you do this, we do expect you to dance 50% of the time in both roles. We believe that this is necessary to keep the quality of the festival high, and to make sure that everyone is having a good time during the parties. 
  • You need to choose the same Upside Down dates as your dance partner. You don’t need to choose the same track, except for the Startrack. 
  • If you are on the waiting list and later on you find a dance partner, ask your partner to add you as his/her dance partner so you can be matched.

How to register?

  • Click on the ‘register’ button at the top of this page.
  • Login to your account or create on. Please note that if you register as a couple, each participant will need to create his/her own account. 
  • Select your Upside Down dates and choose your track(s).
  • Add a partner by providing his/her email address. You need to choose the same Upside Down date as your dance partner. You don’t need to choose the same track as your dance partner, except for the Startrack. 
  • If you do not provide a partner, you will be put on the waiting list until we find you a match (this is also possible for the Startrack) or until you find a dance partner.
  • Once you’ve added a partner or have been matched with one, you will be invited to pay with Visa, MasterCard or Bancontact within 10 days.
  • After payment, your ticket will be immediately and automatically sent to your email address.

How do I register for a single ticket?

  • Click on the register bottom at the top of this page.
  • Login to your account or create one. Please note that your dance partner will need to create his/her own account as well. Select your Upside Down Single Ticket by choosing an evening.
  • Add a partner by providing his/her email address. You need to choose the samen evening. Be aware that your spot is not guaranteed as long as you’re not matched with your dance partner.
  • Once you’ve add a dance partner, and in case there’s still place, you’ll be invited to pay with Visa, MasterCard or Bancontact witting 24 hours. If you don’t pay within this time slot, your spot won’t be guaranteed any longer.
  • After payment, your ticket will be immediately and automatically sent to your email address.
  • General festival rules also applies on the Single Ticket holders.
  • Single Tickets for Upside Down are only valid for the local (Belgian) dancers, registered as a couple. Only one evening per couple. No combinations of evenings allowed. 

General festival rules

  •  If we have not received your payment within ten days, your registration may be cancelled in order to give other people the chance to participate.
  •  If you have received a spot because you signed up with a partner, your spot is only secured if your partner has also registered and paid. If your partner cancels the festival, you will need to find a replacement in orde to keep your spot. You can either find a replacement yourself or write an email to us as we might able to find someone from our waiting list.
  • By registering for Upside Down you agree to pictures and video being made, shared and used on social media and for our own marketing purposes.
  • For the rare occasion of a teacher getting sick or not being able to join we might have to substitute the teacher in your track or we might have to change the schedule.
  • We reserves the right to change the time or location of the evening dances, and will communicate any changes on the website and/or Facebook Page.
  • LouisLou vzw reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone during the festival. 
  • If you behave inappropriately, you may be asked to leave without any refunds given. 
  • LouisLou vzw does not take any responsibility for incidents and/or injuries nor for personal items or valuables that are lost or stolen during the event. Look out for yourself and for others as well please.
  • With your registration to this festival you accept our terms and conditions and our Covid policy.

When do I pay?

  •  Payment has to be done within 10 days after you have received the payment details.
  • Questions or problems regarding the payment? Don’t hesitate to contact us at

Can I cancel?

You paid for your ticket but you can’t make it after all?

  • If you haven’t pay yet, you can cancel your ticket by sending us an email. Please do, so we can give your spot to somebody else.
  • You paid for your ticket but you can’t make it after all? There are two options:
    • Sell your ticket to someone with the same role (leader or follower) and let us know.
    • Inform us and we’ll look for a replacement. If we find someone, we’ll refund your payment -15% administrative fee. If we can’t find someone to take your spot, we won’t be able to give you a refund.


You paid for your ticket but you can’t make it because of government restrictions due to covid measures?

    • Write to us and request your refund with proof of changed measures and legal information. We will offer a 75% refund (minus administrative and back up costs) or pass transfer after we have processed the request.



Upside Down is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable event experience for everyone, therefore all attendees, instructors, staff, and volunteers at Upside Down are required to comply with the following code of conduct.

Organizers will enforce this code throughout the event. We are expecting cooperation from all participants to help ensure a safe environment for everybody.

Need help? Email or (during the event) find an organizer in person at any venue.

Harassment includes offensive verbal comments related to gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of workshops or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.

Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

If a participant engages in harassing behavior, the event organizers may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender or expulsion from the event with no refund.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a member of event staff immediately. Event staff can be found at any venue.

Event staff will be happy to help participants contact venue staff or local law enforcement, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the event. We value your attendance and your safety.

We expect participants to follow these rules at dance and workshop venues.

Thank you

This document was based on Berlin Balboa Weekend’s code of conduct. Feel free to use this, as-is or in a modified form, for your own dance event.