Body & Soul

You feel like partying a lot and sleeping in. But you also want to do more than just social dancing. Like stretching, yoga or practicing your dancing. If this sounds good, this is the pass for you! Check out what’s included and book your ticket.

What's included?

  • 3 thé dansants with live music
  • 3 ‘work that body’ session (choose between training, hard or soft) (4h total)
  • 3 days of open space
  • 4 Upside Down starters
  • 5 parties with live music, special competitions and midnight surprises
  • 1 ‘cozy at home’ activity (December 31st)


Price: € 220

Optional - to book separately

  • private class
  • ‘out of the box’ day activities (several options)
  • dinner together
  • New Year’s Eve diner

Not included

  • ‘expand your dancing’ sessions

Body and Soul

Thé dansant

Open Space

Private class

Out of the box


Upside Down Starter


Cozy at home

New Year’s Eve