Just Unstoppable UD18

You like to have it all. You like to party. You also want new input so you can grow as a dancer. And you love to expand your horizons. We’ve put together a programme that allows you to do just that: parties, workshops, “work that body” sessions and so much more.

Sounds like you? Check it out and book your pass!

What's included?

  • 3 thé dansants with live music
  • 3 ‘expand your dancing’ sessions (choose between several topics) (5h total)
  • 3 ‘work that body’ session (choose between training, hard or soft) (4h total)
  • 3 days of open space
  • 4 Upside Down starters
  • 5 parties with live music, special competitions and midnight surprises
  • 1 ‘cozy at home’ activity (December 31st)


Price: € 280

Optional - to book separately

  • private class
  • ‘out of the box’ day activities (several options)
  • dinner together
  • New Year’s Eve diner

Thé dansant

Open Space

Private classes

Out of the box


Upside Down Starter


Cozy at home

New Year’s Eve