Take It Easy

You are here to party, relax and meet people. When the party ends, you’re the last one standing. You like to sleep in, maybe get a croissant and a coffee while you chill out at the afternoon thé dansant. The open space and afternoon activities might lure you in. Or not. No obligations other than to dance and relax. Sounds like a plan to you? Check out all that’s included and book your pass!

What's included?

  • 3 thé dansants with live music
  • 3 days of open space
  • 4 Upside Down starters
  • 5 parties with live music, special competitions and midnight surprises
  • 1 ‘cozy at home’ activity (December 31st)


Price: € 185

Optional - to book separately

  • private class
  • ‘out of the box’ day activities (several options)
  • dinner together
  • New Year’s Eve diner

Not included

  • ‘expand your dancing’ sessions
  • ‘work that body’ sessions

Thé dansant

Open Space

Private classes

Out of the box


Upside Down Starter


Cozy at home

New Year’s Eve