I have a dream. And many hands make for light work.

We are happy to introduce our wonderful team & partners:


LouisLou core team

  • Concept, production and coordination by the organized centipede Leni Denorme
  • Concept and artistic brain by Sep Vermeersch


Our lovely friends and Upside Down Crew:

  • Registration hero: Glenda Schepens
  • Volunteers puzzler and collector: Kim Dumbgen
  • Decoration crew: Shana Van Cauwenberghe, Pauline Beck, Inge De Witte, Jakob Verstichel
  • Hosting and accommodation: Juliette Venou and Maaike De Prins
  • Communication and editors: Maaike De Prins & Lorelei Schaumont
  • Performance coördinator: Lorelei Schaumont
  • DJ Coördinator: Marijke Knockaert
  • Out of the box: Sarah Persyn
  • Thé dance coördinator & confetti men: Stoff Van Belle
  • Technical brain: Bram Smans
  • Handymans: Bruno Mattheeuws and Lorelei Schaumont


Involved dancers for feedback and ideas :

Marijke Knockaert, Maaike De Prins, Glenda Schepens, Karen Van Gysel, Alexis Schotte, Bruno Mattheeuws, Lies Schoonaert, Frédéric Verhaegen, Dorien Leys, Kris Bauwens


Unthinkable support by our (Super) Volunteers

A whole team of amazing volunteers during the festival!! More then 30 super volunteers and 80 volunteers! Thanks!


Our fantastic partners:


Financial support by Lotto