I have a dream. And many hands make for light work.

We are happy to introduce our wonderful team & partners:


LouisLou core team

  • Concept, production and coordination by the organized centipede Leni Denorme
  • Concept and artistic brain by Sep Vermeersch
  • LouisLou’s left hand: Kim Dümbgen


Our lovely friends and Upside Down Crew:

  • Registration hero: Glenda Schepens
  • Decoration crew: Shana Van Cauwenberghe, Pauline Beck, Inge De Witte, Jakob Verstichel, Ann Cardinael
  • Media, hosting and competitions: Juliette Venou
  • Sustainability ideas and realization: Ruth Deprez
  • Communication and editors: Annelies Puype 
  • DJ Coordinator: Marijke Knockaert
  • Out-of-the-box and Cozy-at-home: Sarah Persyn and Ruth Deprez
  • Technical brain: Bram Smans
  • Handymen: Bruno Mattheeuws, Mathieu van Speybroek, Stoff Van Belle


Involved dancers for feedback and ideas :

Maaike De Prins, Karen Van Gysel, Alexis Schotte, Lies Schoonaert, Frédéric Verhaegen, Dorien Leys, Kris Bauwens, Michaely, Chiara, Johan, Janna, Isabel, Ludo, Ann, Ellen, Chris


Unthinkable support by our (Super) Volunteers

A whole team of amazing volunteers during the festival!! Thanks a lot to everyone!


Our fantastic partners:


With the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, the state of Flanders and Lotto