I have a dream. And many hands make for light work.

We are happy to introduce our wonderful team & partners:


LouisLou core team

  • Concept, production and coordination by the organized centipede Leni Denorme
  • Concept and artistic brain by Sep Vermeersch


Our lovely friends and Upside Down Crew:

Ann Cardinael, Annelies Puype, Bram Smans, Jakob Verstichel, Johanna Schwerler, Julia Sobron, Juliette Venou, Marijke Knockaert, Robyn Harvy Coggans, Ruth Deprez, Sarah Persyn, Shana Van Cauwenberghe


Our fantastic partners:

  • Graphic Design by the creative hand of Laura Dixon – Pouce-Pied, Goga Pavlek, Julia Sobrón
  • Website Design and structured brain by Evelien De Bruyne – Banaki


With the support of the state of Flanders and the city of Ghent.