The first three nights we’ll party at the ‘Vooruit’, as well some of our afternoon activities of Friday and Sunday.

It’s a beautiful center for artistic projects in Ghent. It’s an old building from 1913.

Address: Vooruit, Sint Pietersnieuwstraat 23, 9000 Gent



The thé dansants will be held in the old library of Ghent. Since 2017, the building got a new interpretation. We’ll be on the top floor, where there’s a cozy ballroom with wooden floor. It’s only 300m from the Vooruit, so perfect to switch between the afternoon activities and the thé dansants.

On Sunday all afternoon activities will be held in this abandoned building. Perfect to get lost.

Address: Nest, Woodrow Wilsonplein, 9000 Gent


For the last two nights, we’ll enter a brand new dance studio in a reconversion of factories. Doxtudio it is!

Address: Dok Noord 7 – 107, 9000 Gent

Buurtloods Muide

The New Years Eve Dinner (as well the Sunday Diner) will take place in a warehouse that has been converted into a community center, at the edge of the city. It’s a 13min walk from the party venue Doxtudio.

Address: Buurtloods Muide, Patrijsstraat 10, 9000 Gent

Different locations


The ‘cozy at home’ and ‘out of the box’ activities will take place at different locations in Ghent.

More info to come.